DO OK is een software ontwikkelingsbedrijf. - DO OK

Hallo, wij zijn DO OK

Hallo, wij zijn DO OK

Wat ons stimuleert is een missie voor een duurzame toekomst mogelijk te maken met verstandige toepassing van de software. 100 klanten, 10 jaar op de markt en miljoenen mensen positief beïnvloed.

DO OK NL is een software ontwikkelingsbedrijf. We leveren remote teams die jouw software bouwen en klaarmaken om jouw eindgebruikers van dienst te zijn.

Fundamentele menselijke behoeften zoals veiligheid, zorg of eerlijkheid drijven ons team ertoe om u te helpen bij het nemen van de best mogelijke beslissing met de beschikbare gegevens. Laten we een praten over jouw applicatie!


Het DO OK team

Onze mijlpalen

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Dmitrij Żatuchin


Optimistic believer in meaningful relations, inner-growth and mindfulness. Inspired by the culture of Nordics, brings positive vibes to his teammates and clients. For the balance, he has PhD in Computer Science.

Marijn de Jong

Executive Director Benelux

Tomasz Honsza

Project Manager & Authorized Signatory

Responsible for managing projects from project commencement to completion and handover. He works with project initiation/proposals, delivery, stakeholder communication and management.

Tomasz Timoszyk

Project Manager & Branch Manager

His domain is the full project lifecycle from business analytics, understanding, planning through testing, implementation, closing, and service maintenance to deliver projects' scopes just in time and budget. A problem-solving team player with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry. Other people about him: "Tomek is the right person to carry out innovative projects in a friendly atmosphere." Favorite beverage: water

Thomas de Jong

Sales Manager Benelux

Thomas heeft een passie voor digitale innovatie. Hij combineert dat met een oplossingsgerichte mentaliteit, wat hem in staat stelt om tot in detail te begrijpen voor welke uitdagingen de klant staat en welke kansen hier tegelijkertijd in zitten. Door zich echt vast te bijten in de uitdagingen van onze klanten, zoekt Thomas voor elke nieuwe klant naar een aanpak die voor hun specifiek het beste is.

Yannick Caron

Sales Manager Benelux

Yannick staat erom bekend dat hij de vragen stelt die achterhalen wat de echte waarde van een digitale innovatie is voor een klant. Hij luister graag naar en praat graag met ondernemers om te leren hoe hun bedrijf werkt en te bepalen hoe een digitaal product het beste in hun business model past. Door het domein en bedrijf van de klant eigen te maken, kan hij de klanten goed uitleggen welke effecten keuzes op technologisch gebied hebben op de overkoepelende doel van het bedrijf.

Niels Henrik Sørensen

Director Denmark

Sari Brander

Head of Growth

Krzysztof Pieczyński

Business Development

He addresses software developer talent shortage for businessworthy, impactful startups, and entrepreneurs on the lookout for tech partners and developer teams. Krzysztof utilizes over eight years of software product experience in a corporate, startup, and NGO ecosystems within sales, business development, and project management, including education in administration and software engineering. He works to solve a puzzle on how to practice mindfulness in business and use #techforgood.

Terje Fjeldvig

Country Representative Norway

Mogens Dyhr

Country Manager Denmark

A digital business developer with a commercial and strong digital "mindset" with a significant talent for discovering and propelling new business solutions and- or modifying, expanding the existing business. We achieve our common goal with Trust and Teamwork! Privately, explore the world and support it to be a better place for all. Support of bonus child in Afrika – To move my legs ballroom dance with my wife is fun and more demanding than you think. In the summer we tour around the golf courses and try to get the little white ball in the hole.

Monika Olejnik

Chief Operating Officer

Piotr Maniewski

Senior Business Analyst

Daniel Markowski

Senior Product Designer

Aleksey Narko

Business Development Manager

Alex is a technology geek and beautiful design enthusiast with extensive startup and software consultancy background. He is passionate about IT, business development and sales. With over 6 years of professional experience gained in different organisations his current goal is building strong bridges between DO OK and it’s business partners. Outside work Alex is an avid traveller, book worm, muay thai and yoga lover.

Ula Yasinovska

Senior Account Manager

Mihail Yarashuk

Senior Growth Executive

Piotr Marciniak

Senior Product Designer

Katarzyna Pająk

HR Manager

Katarzyna Leszczyńska-Bohdan

Head of Communications

Kate is a psychologist by profession, a real communication explorer, and strategist by passion. She supports the team in achieving business goals by building valuable relationships with clients and partners through hard data and a culture of openness, honesty, and transparency. Privately loves motorcycling, snowboarding, and traveling to places with good food.

Sebastian Bednarz

Senior QA Engineer

Paweł Kiszteliński

Senior Backend Developer

Artur Łągiewka

Backend Developer

Krzysztof Możejko

Backend Developer

Mikołaj Okrzesa

Backend Developer

Karolina Salamon

Office Assistant

Katarzyna Sobótka

Recruitment Lead

Przemysław Wycisk

Backend Developer

Marta Zażlak

Full Stack Developer

Anna Gołuchowska

Senior Business Analyst

Ireneusz Zasadni

Senior Business Analyst

Marta Maciaszek

Senior Project Manager

Sławek Kur

Backend Developer

Artur Stępniak

Backend Developer

Artur Zyzański

Senior QA Engineer

Agnieszka Dajewska

Business Development Assistant

Jakub Borusewicz

Backend Developer

Szymon Zieliński

Senior Full-stack Web Developer

An experienced web developer focused on backend solutions, especially crafted in Python.

Piotr Broniszewski

Frontend Developer

Piotr Wojdon

QA Engineer

A funny guy with a creative mind. Always keen to break apps (and other things), but only in order to make them better.

Grzegorz Szymański

Software Developer

Grzegorz is interested in new technologies, especially web development since a very young age. His hallmark is a big smile and a positive attitude

Irena Szukała

Mobile Developer

Marcin Sędrowski

Software Developer

Jakub Petrykowski

Team Coach

I love working with individuals, solving problems together, helping them grow. We all need some guidance to do well in whatever area we specialize in. I strive to invite others to consciously improve their mindset and skill.

Adam Mruk

Software Engineer

Developing software runs in Adam's blood. Fascinated by technology, he observes how the meaning of cybersecurity rises. Always ready to help.

Mateusz Mitelski

Frontend Developer

Ewelina Klisowska

Software Developer

Software developer specializing in web application implemented in Java technology

Jacek Głąb

Full Stack Developer

"My favorite technology basically is.. technology." Espresso-tonic rocks!

Jarosław Galiński

Backend Developer

Python backend programmer, interested in computer vision. In previous job, involved with film industry technologies. He likes to play volleyball, chess and computer games in his free time.

Kacper Dziub

Frontend Developer

Katarzyna Dadek

Full Stack Developer

Katarzyna is good at programming in Node.js and React.js technologies. She's a gamer and coffee lover.

Kamil Cichuta

Mobile Developer

His heart belongs to iOS and Swift

Krzysztof Ciach

Frontend Developer

Adrian Capitta

Frontend Developer

Rafał Skucha

Office Manager

Rafał makes our work more convenient and smooth. He supports us in every field: operations and administration management, back-office and HR support. Known from his endless patience and British sense of humor. After hours he practises extreme sports.

Tomasz Kuzioła

iOS Developer

Szymon Juskowiak

Frontend Developer

Frontend developer with over five years of creating the last layer between the user and the system. UX enthusiast who helps with estimating and planning the shape of the application. Dj after hours.

Łukasz Gosiewski

Java Team Leader

Programmer since birth. He prefers reliable solutions over questionable frameworks and good-sounding names. Łukasz is focused on good architecture, solid tests, and proven methodologies to develop valuable products using proper tools. The best part of the job is the process of translating business into code. Besides programming, he takes care of the growth of the java team. After hours: motorcycle enthusiast.

Piotr Olejnik

Mobile Application Team Leader

Hanna Antoniak

Project Manager

Passionate about people, their culture, and way of thinking.

Laat weten hoe we u kunnen helpen.


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